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Roof Asset Maximization

Program Goals

  • Priority leak repair

  • Cost savings

  • Reduced facility downtime

  • Fixed, competitive rate for all work

  • Minimize water infiltration (the most important
    requirement for roof longevity)

  • Maintain integrity of roof membrane, 
    insulation layers and supporting structure

  • Take advantage of Section 179 deduction which
    allows owners to deduct the full value
     of roof
    replacement up to $1-million annually)

  • Service existing warranties

  • Recommend best value for each repair situation

  • Safe facility and personnel

  • Keep facility personnel well-informed

  • Create an easy-to-understand process

Receive the following through our
online portal, phone or email request:

  • Inspection and evaluation

  • Cost analysis and decision matrix

  • Future maintenance and repair strategy

  • Current warranty inventory and monitoring

  • Real-time leak reporting

  • Repair inventory log

  • Customizable reports

Roof Replacement/Retrofit

​A properly maintained roof will give the owner a wider range of options when it comes time to replace the roof. If the insulation layers are dry, it is possible to reuse these layers for the next warrantable installation. Also, wet insulation deteriorates the building structure over time and adds substantial cost. A well-maintained roof is always the least expensive option.

Roof Asset Maximization - Burnett Roofing

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